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2 to 2 Fest


2 to 2 Fest

Op zaterdag 2 april en zondag 3 april 2022 vierde het Batavierhuis van 14:00u tot 14:00u het tweejarig bestaan van deze makerspace en broedplaats.
Het 2-daagse mini-festival 2 TO 2 FEST bevatte een divers programma met jazz, wereldmuziek, folk, techno, elektronische muziek, klassiek en pop, met installaties, voorstellingen, concerten, jam-sessies, colleges, workshops, performances en uiteraard drankjes en hapjes!

Lees hieronder over alle acts die hun opwachting hebben gemaakt op 2TO2Fest!

On 2 + 3 April 2022 from 2 pm to 2 pm Batavierhuis celebrated 2 years of music makers space. The 2-day mini festival offered a diverse program of jazz, world music, folk, techno, electronic, classical, pop, including installations, screenings, concerts, jams, lectures, workshops, performances and food & drinks.

Scroll down for information about all the acts that performed at 2TO2Fest!


Cine bata

When and where: Kelder Saturday & Sunday non-stop

We proudly present the first edition of our very own film festival CINE BATA.
During the 2 to 2 fest, there will be a non-stop screening of films made by and/or featuring our artists.
The program combines music videos, personal films, trailers and other video work.
Grab some drinks and a snack, sit back and enjoy the richness of aesthetics produced by people from the house.

Drums Overture

When and where: Theaterzaal Saturday 2PM

A rhythmical graphic landscape is played with the clock as a central part of the composition.
Wonder how that sounds? So do we!

Line up

Willem Romers drums
Mark Schilders drums
Jens Meijer drums
Danny Rombout drums and percussion

Dutch dada

When and where: Binnenplaats Saturday 2:30PM & 5:30PM

Dit Is Het Showorkest Van Theater Artemis
Met: Dutch Dada for Grown-up Children

Het besmettingspercentage onder muziek-ensembles en orkesten was de afgelopen maanden een slecht bewaard maar verschrikkelijk geheim. Repetities bleken een vrijbrief voor het virus, waardoor er zéker geen optredens mogelijk bleken. De enige oplossing daarvoor bleek de ultieme bubbel: the one-man -band!
Keimpe de Jong ontwikkelde daarom in samenwerking met (Jeugd)Theater Artemis D.I.H.S.T.V.A.
Tijden de 2to2fest krijgt de bezoeker een fragment van het prototype van dit OneMan-Showorkest. Pas in de zomer gaat D.I.H.S.T.V.A. in premiere op de Boulevard in Den Bosch.
Met teksten en muziek van zeven keer Keimpe de Jong.
We hopen dat u het aankunt.

Jazz meets impressionism

When and where: Concertzaal Saturday 3PM

Miran Noh (Piano) and Loek van den Berg(A.sax) will invite you to the impressionism era with a string quartet and the Double bass through their own compositions.
Explore the mood and the atmosphere through the use of timbre, orchestration, and progressive harmonic concepts such as Ravel, Debussy and Prokofiev.
You will hear the raw acoustic beauty with "Jazz meets impressionism"


When and where: Trappenhuis Saturday 3:30PM

"On.Cello" is the debut solo album of cellist Iván Nogueira (Galicia, Spain). This work contains 10 own compositions and arrangements for cello solo/acoustic, based on Celtic and Galician folk styles. Iván explores a new way of playing the cello to represent instruments and the folk culture of his homeland, Galicia. Hear the sounds of bagpipes, tambourines, fiddles and some popular songs.

Listen here!


When and where: Vergaderzaal Saturday 4:30PM

Willem Romers and Robert Koemans will tell about the process of making their new multimedia project “FEEDFORWARD” with their band Coal Harbour. In this modern fairy tale, music and visuals melt together to tell a story about the consequences of the desire for growth and progress. What was their urge for making this project and how did they came up with their ideas?

Manus (work in progress)

When and where: Kamer 2.8 Saturday 5PM - 10:30PM

MANUS (work in proces)
Little Wotan //Arlon Luijten
Sjoerd van Acker
Institute of Time

Manus (work in progress ) is an ungoing, open worksession where Batavieren perform live, improvised music and interact with the audience in a VR-installation. (Virtual Reality)
The audience is invited to co- create moving sculptures with the movement of theirs hands without any verbal communication.

Similar to the musicians improvising and creating music together,
MANUS gives you the ability to co-create immersive choreographies with a stranger
using only your bare hands.
The intuitiveness of the interactions will make you feel like a pro dancer or a virtuoso musician. However, there is another person to consider.

Do you act?
Or react?
Or do you co-create something together?

Little Wotan is an interdisciplinary studio for Art, Games and Research. We connect ideas, disciplines and people.
Sjoerd van Acker is a new media artist and programmer.
Institute of Time is an interdisciplinary filmland new media company, based in Amsterdam, New Hork and Istanbul

'The Shruti Box'

When and where: Concertzaal Saturday 6PM

Shruti is a sanskrit word that means 'that which is heard', the smallest measure of sound a human being can detect. In pure musical terms, it also corresponds to the microtones found between the notes, (22 within an octave according to the Indian system). A 'Shruti Box' is an Indian instrument that creates a drone that musicians use to find all the tones, overtones and microtones to tune themselves.

In 'The Shruti Box', flutist and composer Aura Rascón invites fellow colleagues from the Batavierhuis, on a journey to discover 'Raag', the rich modal universe of North Indian Music, and explore together the possibilities of expanding its traditional standards from solo to ensemble setting, from melodic to polyphonic/harmonic, from acoustic to electro-acoustic; co-creating in this way, a unique sonic landscape.

Aura Rascón -bansuri
and guests:
Ildo Nandja-Bass and effects
Ishtar Bakhtali-Voice and loops
Loek van den Berg-Clarinet, sax


When and where: Trappenhuis Saturday 6:30PM
A woman desperately tries to take control of herself and the world around her. Survival on two square meter.
concept/act/text - Rosetta (Roos) Drenth
drums - Arend Niks

Bass & Balafon

When and where: Binnenplaats Saturday 7:30PM

Kay Slice & Ildo Nandja.

Expect A liveshow full of improvisation based on rhythms from the motherland. Balafon, bass and Spoken Word Kay Slice aka Hip Hop kid with Ghana Soul combines his hiphop upbringing with his Ghanaian roots. Ildo Nandja uses his african rhythmic skills to create advanced harmonic sounds.

Sines in photosynthesis

When and where: Theaterzaal Saturnight 8PM

The randomness of the cosmos in the shape of music. Space out with Sines In Photosynthesis, and experience the weirdness of percussive and underground electronic atmospheres combined with contemporary dance.

Line up:
Bibi Milanese - Voice and Effects
Auke de Vries - Drums
Gustavo Cabrera - Guitar and Electronics
Donatas Bielunskis - Everything else that you can hear

Love it

When and where: Concertzaal Saturnight 8:30PM

Na zijn succesvolle tournee met het werk van Leonard Cohen is Flip Noorman terug met een eigen avondvullende show.

Wederom bijgestaan door zijn bejubelde band ‘De Noormannen’ pakt Flip het meest uitgebuite thema in de kunst aan: de liefde.

In Love it schetst Noorman in eerste instantie een wereldbeeld van ‘love for sale’ perfectie. Maar vervolgens brengt hij juist een onversneden hommage aan het onvolmaakte.

En laten we eerlijk zijn: u verdient het toch? Een voorstelling met een lach en een traan, een rilling van ontroering. Een diepe stem waarin u uw zorgen even kunt vergeten. Gitaren als warme baden. Een wervelend theatraal concert dat bovendien uw huid strakker, gladder en egaler maakt.
Flip Noorman bood u nog nooit zoveel comfort en is dermatologisch getest en klinisch bewezen. U hoeft hem maar op te spuiten en mild-erotische fantasieën zullen als honing over u heen druipen.

‘Heb jij Love it al gezien?’ 'Nee, hoe was het?'
'Oh… Love it!’

Flip Noorman

music for glass

When and where: Zolder Saturnight 9:30PM

Music for Glass (and a bit of water)

Music for Glass is a piece for live electronics and tape where all the sounds are based of glass
object and its resonance. This 35 minute long piece has 3 different movements which contains
different textures of resonances of glass and objects insight glass. Expect Gamelan type of
percussion together with otherworldly soundscapes. Comfort yourself for a trip through this sonic

ligconcert - carnatic and crossover

When and where: Concertzaal Saturnight 10:30PM

Carnatic composities (Zuid-Indiase klassieke muziek) en vrije improvisaties wisselen elkaar af in dit concert waarin het publiek liggend kan luisteren.

Make yourself comfortable while listening to Carnatic compositions (South-Indian classical music) and free improvisations performed by vocalist Ishtar Bakhtali & guests

singing violist

When and where: Trappenhuis Saturnight 11PM

Yanna Pelser will perform some of her work in progress. She is writing music for viola and voice, played by one person: a singing violist. You will hear the human voice and the "viola voice" in counterpoint: they dance together, move apart, clash, reunite and amplify eachother, constantly hiding and revealing all the colors on their pallet.

the larsen pipes

When and where: Zolder Sunday 9:30AM, 11:30AM, 1PM

The Larsen Pipes is a performative installation about discovery, patience and feedback.

Paper tubes, microphone, cables, speakers, lights and movements are combined together to create sounds and scenic constructions.

The Larsen Pipes is about using materials in unexpected ways and falling in love with them, playing with the unpredictability of physical phenomena such as audio feedback (the Larsen effect) and equilibrium, enjoying the slow and imperceptible transformations of sounds through little movements.

During 2TO2 The Larsen Pipes will interact with groups of improvisers from Batavierhuis and resonate in the form of a sound installation in the attic, the room where the project has been developed during the last 2 years.

The Larsen Pipes
A performative installation by Simone Bottasso
Lights: Raz van Isaac
Graphic design: Giulia Toscano


the bird

When and where: Binnenplaats Sunday 10AM

In deze lecture vertelt saxofonist Yoran Aarssen aan de hand van audiofragmenten over het leven en de muziek van jazzicoon Charlie Parker.

Magda mendes

When and where: Concertzaal Sunday 10:30AM

De Portugese zangeres Magda Mendes volgde de zuidwester wind, de ’Sudoeste’ totdat ze uiteindelijk in Rotterdam neerstreek. Een reis langs de stranden van de Algarve, de kurkbomen van de Alentejo, de steegjes van Lissabon waar de Fado klinkt, de olijfbomen van haar vader en de bergen van het Noorden. Al deze elementen zijn terug te horen in haar stem en in haar zelfgeschreven liedjes die door gitarist Ward Veenstra werden gearrangereerd voor een nieuwe bezetting.
Maak kennis met de liedjes die de wind haar leerde...

Magda Mendes - zang, gitaar, ukulele, percussie
Ward Veenstra - Akoestische gitaar, Portugese gitaar.
Viool - Hadewijch Hofland
Cello - Iván Nogueira

solo bass

When and where: Trappenhuis Sunday 11AM

A solo set of impromptu improvised music on electric bass and pedals.

By Ildo Nandja


When and where: Concertzaal Sunday 12AM

Kleurrijke landschappen, psychedelische klankvelden, sterrenstelsels en goddelijke bezinning. Neig je oor naar de weelderige toonschilderingen van twee van de grote klassieke meesters uit de vorige eeuw.

Matthijs van Wijhe

Castelli / fongaro

When and where: Concertzaal Sunday 1:30PM

Guitarist Federico Castelli and his long time associate and bassist Alessandro Fongaro will adventure into a repertoire of italian music, spanning from Ennio Morricone’s western ballads to melodies from Luigi Tenco as well as originals.