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Juliano Abramovay

Juliano Abramovay

Juliano Abramovay is a versatile musician, composer, and researcher with a passion for exploring diverse music traditions. After studying classical guitar at São Paulo’s Municipal School of Music and musicology at University of São Paulo, Juliano delved into fretless guitar and oud, researching traditional music from Greece and Turkey. He obtained his masters at Codarts before proceeding with a PhD research project at Durham University under the supervision of Profs. Martin Clayton and Laura Levante. Currently, Juliano is a teacher at Codarts, where he is actively involved with the Rotterdam Arts and Science Lab (RASL) and with research disciplines.

Juliano’s music projects blend the melodic richness of Eastern Mediterranean traditional music with his Brazilian musical background. Recently, he has created ensemble Amazonon, which has recorded albums in both Brazil and the Netherlands, and Gandhaya, which released its first EP in 2023. Beyond music, Juliano is keen on interdisciplinary collaborations and has extensively composed and performed for dance (with Morena Nascimento), theater (with Martha Kiss), cinema (for Fernando Meirelles), and circus (with Sophia Oltmanns and Michael Zandl). Notably, his recent works include the music direction of LESTE (Casa do Povo, São Paulo) and the soundtrack for the circus-theater performance Sawdust Symphony (Korzo Theatre, Den Haag). He was a Fellow Artis of the 2019 edition of the OneBeat residency (USA).

In het kort

  • Guitar player from São Paulo, established in the Netherlands ensembles Amazonon and Gandhaya Quartet.
  • Completed his masters at Codarts and is currently working on his PhD Research in Ethnomusicology at Durham University (UK).
  • Composes music for films, theatre, dance and circus.
  • Teaches research disciplines at Codarts and within RASL (Rotterdam Arts and Science Lab).