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Sounding Here

Zaterdag & zondag: Cinebata

In the CINEBATA you can enjoy short films by the filmmakers from the Batavierhuis during BATAFEST.

The film programme consists of short films, videoclips and animations by Alice Saey, Gideon van der Stelt, Wiep Teeuwisse, Nienke Deutz and Vincent Boy Kars.

This year there will also be a special screening with live music by Duo Bottasso.


Film programme:

Alice Saey – Mark Lotterman “Happy” (7’’, 2017)
People should be happy. Even this Egyptian goose, who tries to cast a spell on us with a seductive dance. But it’s not the only one to master the dance.

Gideon van der Stelt – NEW BABYLON (21”, 2022)
An impossible city is built up out of enormous rotating rings, steering the lives of its lonely inhabitants. NEW BABYLON follows three characters living secluded lives and is a visual trip through an oppressive night in which contemporary, individualistic life is reflected in a circular metropole.

Wiep Teeuwisse – Depart at 22 (2”, 2015)
‘Depart at 22’ is a poetic animated short about growing old and the fear of losing the beauty of youth.

Nienke Deutz – The Miracle (15”, 2022)
At an al-inclusive resort for families, Irma is confronted with herself. When Irma arrives at her holiday destination, she quickly comes to realise that everything there is designed to facilitate families. Irma fully immerses herself in the world of the all-inclusive resort. But how do you relate to a place that constantly confronts you with the things you don’t have?

Vincent Boy Kars – SOLO (10’’, 2023)
Nestor and Joley are in their early twenties. Living as housemates in Rotterdam, they each have their daily routines. While one abides by a rigid work pattern, the other’s approach is more haphazard; they may share a house – but they’re not sharing their lives. However, when the pulsating soundtrack culminates in a dance, Nestor and Joley let everything go.