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Duo Cobogo - The heat from Brazil and India

Zaterdag: Duo Cobogo – The heat from Brazil and India

The name Cobogó refers to a façade element used for ventilation and shading. Although the name was created in the 1920s in Recife, Brazil, you can find it in different cultures, including in North India. Cobogós provide a strong structure, while allowing light and air to pass through.

Drawing from this architectural inspiration, Duo Cobogó creates music that transcends walls, boundaries, and traditions. Juliano, deeply rooted in Brazilian music, has extensively explored the musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean. Tarang, a master tabla player, has dedicated over 15 years to studying North Indian Classical music through the traditional Guru-Student system.. For the past five years, Tarang and Juliano have been playing together in different projects, developing an intricate connection which can be seen in the dynamic interactions between the performers.

Combining North Indian Classical Music, Brazilian popular music, Jazz and the music from the Eastern Mediterranean region, the duo reimagines musical genres, challenging common perceptions associated with musical styles. In every note and rhythm, Duo Cobogó embodies the spirit of innovation and cultural fusion, inviting audiences into a realm where music is a universal language that transcends geographical and traditional boundaries. Join us on this musical adventure, where each performance is a journey of emotional highs and lows, from tranquil melodies that evoke serene landscapes to exhilarating rhythms that capture the vibrant essence of human expression.

Tarang Poddar – Tabla
Juliano Abramovay – Guitar, Oud