Over ons

De plek waar muziekmakers, kunstenaars en andere muziekgerelateerde ondernemers nieuwsgierige Rotterdammers ontmoeten.

About us

This is who we are

The Batavierhuis is an independent makerspace and incubator for (young) enterprising artists with the aim of enabling Rotterdam’s talent to develop further and enrich Rotterdam’s cultural (music) life.

We show that Rotterdam takes its artists seriously and that it is prepared to invest in talent by providing the most favourable conditions possible. There is room to experiment and to inspire, there is freedom and autonomy. We have the Rotterdam mentality and are as diverse as the city itself. In the Batavierhuis, all the smaller Rotterdam music networks are forged together into one large network, which further enriches you as a Batavier. Each Batavier has his or her own expertise, so that much knowledge and skill can be shared, which contributes to the further development of the individual Batavier. Together, we form a collective, where artistic cross-pollinations can occur spontaneously.

For you

The Rotterdam audience will have an intimate stage for music: programmed, played and supported by the Batavians themselves. Besides concerts, we share productions that are still in a conceptual phase with an audience for the first time. There is also room for improvisation, spontaneous jam sessions, workshops, master classes and more. Keep an eye on the agenda and be surprised!

The Batavierhuis is there for everyone, has a connecting effect and is anchored in the neighbourhood. It is a tough and robust breeding ground in a beautiful stately building. We are bending the contradictions inherent in this into a special, fascinating and flourishing cultural place.

The Batavierhuis is an initiative of Stichting Droom en Daad.


The Batavieren are involved in the organisation of the Batavierhuis by participating in various committees. On 1 July 2020, Ellen van der Windt will be appointed director of the Batavierhuis. She is responsible for the exploitation of the Batavierhuis and its anchoring in the city of Rotterdam and beyond. Mike Warrink has been appointed project employee for the Batavierhuis. He will support the Batavierhuis both online and offline.

Ellen van der Windt, photo: Bob Bruyn

Mike Warrink, photo: Danielle Kliwon


Would you like to support us with a donation? Great! Thanks to our ANBI status, you can deduct your donation from your income or corporate tax. Contact us and we will make your action as easy as possible. Here you will find all information about the ANBI-status of the Batavierhuis.