Anne Bakker

Anne Bakker is een (alt)violist, componist en zangeres die actief is binnen veel verschillende genres en daarbij het experiment niet schuwt.

Anne Bakker

Anne Bakker is an (alt) violinist, composer and singer, who isn’t afraid to experiment with a lot of different genres. She has studied both jazz violin and vocals at Codarts Rotterdam. This focus can be found on her first solo EP ‘Vox/Viola’ (2017).

Throughout the years, Anne has been part of groups such as the Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble (Turkish /Arabic music), the Blaze Bayley Trio (acoustic heavy metal with a former Iron Maiden singer) and Quibus (electronic band). She also often works with sound-artist Machinefabriek. In 2020/2021, Anne will be part of the world tour by Danish artist Agnes Obel. 

You’ll be able to find Anne in the theaters as well: she has toured with shows by NOX, John Buijsman, Theatergroup DNA, Charles Hens and Kalterflug. Together with Kevin Toma, she had made a filmconcert of Hitchcock’s “The Lodger ”, and toured with this concert in multiple cinema’s.

Anne has played concerts in Brazil, Canada, the United States, Japan, Dubai, Australia,, Turkey, Indonesia, Israël and throughout Europe..

Netherlands, Rotterdam, 17 September 2020. portretten at during Batavierhuis. Photo: ©Marwan Magroun


  • Has studied both jazz violin (2011) and vocals (2019) at Codarts Rotterdam. 
  • Released her first solo EP ‘Vox/Viola’ (2017).
  • Is a member of Agnes Obel’s’ band.