Beau Eckhardt

Beau is FOH engineer en werkte onder meer voor My Baby, Pitou, CODARTS & Doornroosje Nijmegen.

Beau Eckhardt

I work in various disciplines as a sound engineer. For instance, I am currently working with My Baby, Pitou and GOLD as a FoH and in-ear mixer. I also work for pop stages such as Doornroosje, GROUNDS, Maassilo and for CODARTS as a live and studio technician. I also do FoH and monitor mixes for festivals such as Motel Mozaique, Music Meeting and many others. Besides my live work, I regularly work as a recording engineer and within the Batavierhuis I will mainly focus on mixing and mastering in the studio. I have been building my own studio equipment for a couple of years now and recently I followed the training to designer of tube amplifiers at Tube Society / Menno van der Veen in Friesland. I will also use this studio as a testing ground for my self-built studio equipment.

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  • Studied sound engineering at the Herman Brood Academy
  • Currently working with My Baby, Pitou, GOLD, CODARTS and many others
  • Currently following training as a designer of tube amps at Tube Society / Menno van der Veen