Nele Mennes

Nele Mennes schrijft liederen en voorstellingen in verschillende talen en is oprichter van het internationale theatercollectief Wall

Nele Mennes

Nele Mennes (Antwerp, 1982) is a headstrong, sensitive and enterprising spirit who combines beauty with skill. A musician, singer, theatre maker, director and writer of lyrics and songs who likes to think outside the box and works intuitively and physically.

She graduated with the music theatre performance Madelief, went on to create performances, moved audiences for six years with her group De meisjes Loos and toured with the songs from her show Naakt. She assisted MT Hollands Diep/Silbersee in directing and worked as a director with young people from different parts of the world at Houseacross Bounderies.


  • Plays in trio Alma Mía.
  • Makes music theatre performances, ‘Kompás’ – her last new one – is expected next season.
  • Winner Utrechts Kleinkunst Festival with songs from ‘Naakt’.
  • Writes songs in 4 languages: Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Founder of Wall – international theatre formation; and of Singing Monkey – vocal improvisation training.