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Sounding Here

Zaterdag: Sounding Here – Sonic Spine Subtraction

Sounding Here is a stage for all untested experiments from any genre with sound at the core. The event is all about sharing these seeds and ideas from Batavierhuis artists with a friendly audience. It celebrates art which is ALIVE and kicking. (HOT DAY – as in “hot off the press”. During the Batafest Sounding Here will be hosting “Sonic Spine Subtraction”.

Sonic Spine Subtraction

Sonic Spine Subtraction is an electronic music project in which cellist Lucija Gregov and producer Max Abel explore the possibilities of new, unconventional electronic instruments.
Lucija plays Knurl: an instrument-interface exploring concepts of interactivity and polyphony in the practice of a bowed string instrument. Combined with Max’ modular synthesizer setup, this results in an immersive, quadraphonic live sound experience.

Lucija Gregov – Knurl
Max Abel – Modular Synthesizer setup