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Tour of Italy

Zaterdag: Tour of Italy – 100 years ago

Venezia, Firenze, Amalfi, Lake Maggiore, Torino.

Probably you know how those places looks now. Somebody might have an opinion on how they’ll look in 100 years. But what about how those cities looked like one century ago?

“Postcards from Italy”is the first step of a wider project called “Tour of Italy”. We’ll present the tunes we compose for a selection of footage movies of one century ago provided by Eye Filmmuseum. All the movies were shooted in Italy by Dutch film makers.

Take a few minutes to receive an audiovisual postcard from the past and to discover how lakes, cities, work places and landscapes looked like in the 1920, surrounded by Duo Bottasso’s live performance.


Nicolò Bottasso – violin, bariton violin, trumpet

Simone Bottasso – organetto, live electronics


“Postcard from Italy” is a collaboration project with Eye Filmmuseum