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Beatrice Sberna & Gabriel de Oliveira hosted by Alessandro Fongaro
26 APR
21:00120 min

Beatrice Sberna & Gabriel de Oliveira hosted by Alessandro Fongaro

Locatie: Concertzaal

The music of Beatrice Sberna & Gabriel de Oliveira is an uncompromising expression of “impro-songwriting”: Italian cantautori, Brazilian “folk” traditions, contemporary pop, jazz and punk antics all converging into a duo of vibrant vocals and a nonconforming 8-string guitar. Threading the boundaries of the traditional and avant-garde, they aim to unfold storytelling through provocative songs and cathartic improvisation meshed together. In their set, they present touching sonic and poetic narratives across themes of youth, the art world, the supernatural, mental health, fear and joy.

For their debut album, due Summer 2024, they join forces with a unique group of acclaimed young musicians including Sun-Mi Hong and Federico Calcagno, and collaborate on features with beatmaker Binkbeats. They promise a new sound for their generation of creative musicians, at times exploding in electr(on)ic productions, at others holding subtle acoustic spaces. This production is supported by Amarte and Sena Muziekproductiefonds 2023. Their past work has been commissioned by Kunstinstiuut Melly and Le Guess Who?. Past and current collaborations include David Binney, Wendy Eisenberg, Yamandú Costa, The Klittens, Maniscalco and Toninho Horta.

Beatrice Sberna – vocals
Gabriel de Oliveira – 8-string guitar, vocals

The evening will be opened by a short solo set of Alessandro Fongaro on double bass.