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Carlo Muscat 4et: Diversity
02 NOV
20:3075 min

Carlo Muscat 4et: Diversity

Locatie: Concertzaal

Jazz saxophonist and composer Carlo Muscat makes his first stop in Rotterdam to perform music from his latest album Diversity, an homage to the giants of Black-American music. The album was recorded in Paris in July 2021 and includes compositions by Joe Henderson, Oliver Nelson, Wayne Shorter, and others. Describing his musical journey as a process that is ceaseless, expressive, and allows for freedom of interpretation, he is known for his fresh take on the genre and his unabashed use of improvisation. In this project, Carlo pays tribute to the influences that helped him to shape his approach over the years and continue to inspire him along the way.

"Carlo’s sound and compositions are outstanding, and the interplay between him and the ensemble shows a very deep communication with the tradition of improvising music."
Leo Genovese

"Carlo’s fine taste is on display throughout this project. Lyrical music with a bounce, refreshing in its conceptual simplicity."
Aaron Goldberg

"A record that manages to carve out a unique sound of its own, representing a wise and imaginative approach to programming. An eclectic yet focused body of work."
The Times of Malta

Line up:
Carlo Muscat – Tenor Sax
Ruud Voesten – Drums
Federico Castelli – Guitar
Tba – Bass