Double bill Concert -Raf Vertessen SOLO & Sun-Mi Hong’s Ulim
06 NOV
20:00105 min

Double bill Concert -Raf Vertessen SOLO & Sun-Mi Hong’s Ulim

Locatie: Batavierhuis Rotterdam

Short Description of Raf Vertessen SOLO
Raf focuses on his own projections/figures, no-input mixing, contact mics and sound objects.
He has invented a new way of music notation by means of movements he executes on the drum set, linking projections to dynamics, pitch range and speed.

Short Description of Sun-Mi Hong’s Ulim
After emerging onto the scene with her renowned Quintet, Sun-Mi Hong is turning a page and altering her writing perspective. Her new band Sun-Mi Hong’s Ulim marks the first time Sun-Mi composes with no harmony instrument on the band stand. Dirt on your face: The epitome of pleasure whilst being in a complete mess. The music of Ulim stands firmly behind this ideal. The blend of three horns, drums and bass is not common, however it acts as an extremely open platform in terms of compositions and improvisation.