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Duo Bottasso – Bal folk !
01 JUL
20:30150 min

Duo Bottasso – Bal folk !

Locatie: Theaterzaal

"The Bottasso Brothers, Nicolò Bottasso on violin and trumpet and Simone Bottasso on diatonic accordion, started their music careers in 2007 playing in the bal-folk scene and touring all Europe with their instruments. They wrote new compositions and made arrangements of folk songs to animate shows for a dancing audience: scottish, bourrée, mazurka, jigs, … Traditional dances coming from Occitany and France, approached by the duo with a freer and ""musician-oriented"" way. Which means: if you don’t like or understand the dances you can still listen and enjoy their groove.

In the last years they have been exploring different styles, merging their traditional souls with contemporary and electronic music, audiovisual performances, jazz and world music….
But it’s funny sometimes to go back to your origins.

Bring your curiosity and don’t worry if you don’t know how to dance: it’s easy, you can copy, improvise and/or somebody will teach you. Or you can simply watch and listen!