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Juliano Abramovay hosts: Mountains and Volcanoes
28 JUL
19:00180 min

Juliano Abramovay hosts: Mountains and Volcanoes

Locatie: Concertzaal

Jason (Nepal) and Ranav (Berlin) present improvisational music that traverses various songs, rural stories, and melodies, bringing together a variety of instruments such as singing bowls, Tibetan cymbals, the woodwind instrument Radung, bamboo flutes, string instruments like the Sarangi, and the drum Nya-Khi and Dhimay, along with electronic soundscapes. While grounded in their South Asian musical heritage, they manipulate these sounds and ideas to create novel auditory experiences that range from visceral and unsettling to meditative and soothing.

Line up:

Jason Kunwar – Sarangi, Tungna, Radung, Cymbals and Bowls, Nya-Khin, Vocals, Electronics

Ranav Adhikari – Dilruba, Vocals, Electronic

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Sliding scale tickets: €5,- / €7,- / €10,- / €13,- / €15,-
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This event is hosted by Batavier Juliano Abramovay