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Julien Padovani & Laia Escartin
26 MEI
20:3075 min

Julien Padovani & Laia Escartin

Locatie: Concertzaal

Julien Padovani & Laia Escartin have created a little sounding secret with their very different backgrounds. They invite the public into an intimate universe of imaginary jazz and folk, where their words became sound and their sound became words.

Julien Padovani is a multifaceted accordionist and composer from Poitiers (west-central France), he is member of ‘Ciac Boum’, the famous french folk band of the region of Poitou. And Batavier Laia Escartin, also a composer, is an impulsive singer and violist born in Mexico, half Spanish, half Belgian, member of the Iberian duo ‘Escarteen Sisters’.

Laia after years of listening to the music of Julien decided to just write to him and invite him to travel to Batavierhuis to create something out together. After a first artistic residency they have prepared this little sounding secret, and will share it for the second time in this concert.

Something between north and south, atlantic and mediterranean, inside out, upside down.
Original compositions, arrangements and improvisations.

Poitou and Iberian daydreams in a Midspring Night.

Julien Padovani: accordeon, vocals
Laia Escartin: vocals, viola

Open to everyone, pay what you can! €5 / €10 / €15 / €20 / €25
There is no difference in price categories, you can decide where you"d like to sit upon arrival.