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Marije van Rijn Hosts : Disintegrate (research showing)
17 DEC
20:0060 min

Marije van Rijn Hosts : Disintegrate (research showing)

Locatie: Concertzaal

Disintegrate is a work created by Nicholas Thayer about global warming. Placing a block of ice at the centre of an interdisciplinary art-ecosystem, many aspects of the performance are determined by the ice as it melts, creating a personal experience with global warming that goes beyond data and into the sensory. This ‘research showing’ is the culmination of the first research period for the piece, asking questions about interconnectedness of the disciplines (electronics, harp, percussion, dance, visual, light), the role of the melting ice in the performance and so forth. The audience are invited to stay for a short feedback session afterwards where their experiences and views of the work are valued looking towards the second research period.

This research is made possible by Fonds Podium Kunsten

Nicholas Thayer – electronics and visuals
Emmi Pennanen – dance artist
Aurélie Journot – electric harp

Hosted by Marije van Rijn