Push Buttons – Ableton Live Introduction/Working with samples
16 FEB
14:00120 min

Push Buttons – Ableton Live Introduction/Working with samples

Locatie: Batavierhuis Rotterdam

Push Buttons is a non-profit project offering accessible workshops for people who are underrepresented in electronic music scene. Therefore, we prioritise girls, women, queer/trans folks, people of colour as attendants

This is the first event in the Push Buttons workshops series. In this beginner workshop we will look at the different ways to use samples in Ableton Live.
Ableton can look intimidating, but if you learn how to edit and manipulate samples you can already start creating your own compositions. We will look into warping, detuning and editing samples, how to use simpler, and all the basic knowledge
needed to get started with this.

This workshop is meant for beginners, people with no or almost no
knowledge of Ableton. You might have tried before, but maybe you got
stuck or didn’t know how to get started. No musical or technical
background needed. If you can please bring headphones + your laptop with
a 30-day trial of Ableton installed. If you don’t have headphones/ a
laptop, please let us know and we will try and arrange one for you to
use during the workshop.

Workshop will be lead by Marty Ydema, an Amsterdam based musician and sound artist.

This workshop prioritises queer, trans, non binary and intersex folks,
people of colour, women and girls.

The workshop is for free.
For questions, please contact pushbuttons@posteo.org