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Rotterdam through the eyes of CB Vaandrager
12 DEC
14:1560 min

Rotterdam through the eyes of CB Vaandrager

Locatie: Theaterzaal

Havelok combines the minimalist music of Philip Glass with stories and poems by the legendary Rotterdam writer Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager. The poems and stories are recited by the Rotterdam actor John Buijsman. Vaandrager wrote a lot of prose and poetry in the 1960s. Buijsman is fascinated by Vaandrager’s ‘no-nonsense’ way of writing. Vaandrager was part of the Sixties, a group of poets who wanted to close the gap between art and life itself. During the concert, Buijsman will recite from Vaandrager’s work and Havelok will simultaneously perform music by, among others, the Godfather of minimal music, Philip Glass. A special combination; percussion, poetry, prose and minimal music by a Rotterdam percussion collective together with a Rotterdam icon.

Website: (http://)[www.havelok.nl]

Facebook: (http://)[https://www.facebook.com/HavelokPercussion]

Instagram: (http://)[https://www.instagram.com/havelok.percussion/]