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Sjoerd van Eijck – Oak (New Album Try-out)
06 APR
20:3075 min

Sjoerd van Eijck – Oak (New Album Try-out)

Locatie: Concertzaal

Deep roots, a powerful pilar and a crown reaching for the heavens. Every tree sprouts in simplicity. A small seed is enough. Time and space allow trees to grow into mighty giants. It is no different in music. Through purity and patience mastery is revealed. With his ensemble OAK, the Dutch jazz pianist and composer Sjoerd van Eijck touches the core of his music. As a fully grown oak exuberantly exploring the space around it and intensifying the colours of the sky.

Trumpet player Koen Smits, bass player Nathan Wouters and percussionist Willem Romers add richness and steering rhythms to his distinct signature. In the sound of OAK, influences from free improvisation, classical music (Bach to Messiaen) minimalism and the Scandinavian melodic jazz come together.

Line up:
Koen Smits – Trumpet
Sjoerd van Eijck – Piano
Nathan Wouters – Double Bass
Willem Romers – Drums