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Sonic Shades #3: the Sound of Taiwanese Pipa
06 JUN
20:3075 min

Sonic Shades #3: the Sound of Taiwanese Pipa

Locatie: Concertzaal

In 2022, Duo Bottasso crossed paths with Fan-Qi and the enchanting sound of her pipa during a musical residency at Centro Incontri Umani in Ascona, Switzerland. Since that meeting, Fan-Qi has been on a mission to become an honorary sister of Duo Bottasso and join their musical journey. After weaving through a labyrinth of international challenges and parental negotiations, the long-awaited moment has arrived in Batavierhuis, the fearless hub of creativity of Rotterdam. With the addition of Norwegian drummer Michael Lee Sørenmo, their musical family is now complete.

Wooli is a dynamic musical duo featuring Taiwanese Pipa player Fan-Qi Wu and Norwegian drummer Michael Lee Sørenmo. Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds—Fan-Qi in traditional music and Michael in jazz and improvisation—they blend traditional melodies with inventive improvisation and jazz structures.

Duo Bottasso, aka the curious brothers musicians Simone and Nicolò, explored diverse art forms and music styles over their 20-year career. Their contemporary approach to traditional music blends original compositions, improvisation, and electronic elements. Infusing their alpine roots into innovative works, they craft a utopian folk music of the 21st century with sweet melodies and daring experimentation.

Line up:

Fan-Qi Wu: pipa, compositions
Michael Lee Sørenmo: drums
Nicolò Bottasso: violin, barytone violin, trumpet
Simone Bottasso: organetto