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SONNA Records’ Season Celebration
09 JUL
19:30150 min

SONNA Records’ Season Celebration

Locatie: Concertzaal

Celebrate two years of SONNA Records with their Season Celebration event, that is held every change of season. During this season celebration SONNA Records organizes a lecture about concept development and a concert by some of their artists.

About SONNA Records:

"We believe that our greatest strength lies in our true nature.

Believing in our own inner greatness enables us to see each other’s inner strength so that we can create a space where the essence of life is tangible.

We form a tree with a large underground root structure, many different offshoot, roots and ways of feeding. They come together in one thick trunk that grows vigorously upwards and opens like a proud, wide, large tree into several branches with thousands of leaves that rustle in the wind. All the roots and branches are different and unique but together they are ONE tree.

SONNA Records is a label for adventurous yet tranquil music founded by Batavier Sanne Rambags.
The label provides a space where the essence of life becomes tangible.

The expression of your own story in music, using the purest of emotions and experiences, is a vehicle for creating a deep connection with your inner strength and inner greatness, and by doing so, we are creating meaningful connections".