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Sound-Body workshop for musicians and public speakers
22 APR
10:00360 min

Sound-Body workshop for musicians and public speakers

Locatie: Concertzaal

PLEASE NOTE: this workshop is spread over two days: 22 & 23 april

Certified Resonanzlehre trainer and violist Yanna Pelser will guide this Resonance workshop-weekend, in which physical exercises are taught and practiced together. There is also room for individual playing sessions in the presence of the group. In two days we pay attention to:

  • Connecting body movement and sound quality through balance exercises
  • Awareness of the whole body and its musicality
  • Breaking free from disturbing tensions/blocks from learned postures
  • Playing/speaking without effort
  • Finding your natural expression in sound and movement
  • Enjoying a meaningful connection with the audience through resonance
  • Practicing effectively and with inspiration
  • Dealing with mental pressure (stage fright, exam/audition stress)

For whom?

For musicians of all instruments, vocalists and public speakers/actors (students, professionals or advanced amateurs). You need no prior knowledge or experience in body methods.

Saturday 22/04 – 10:00 – 16:00
Sunday 23/04 – 10:00 – 16:00

Please bring your own lunch

Pricing for the whole weekend:

Active participation: €185 (regular) / €140 (students)
Passive participation: €145 (regular) / €110 (students)

As active participant you’ll join with the physical exercises ánd get feedback from Yanna on your individual performance for the group (performing a piece or improvisation of your choice). This way you can directly apply the movement quality to your own performance.
As passive participant you’ll join with the physical exercises, but won’t have the chance to perform, get feedback and try out the movement quality on your own performance. It is however very interesting to listen to others perform!

After buying a ticket, please confirm your participation by sending me an e-mail to resonanzlehre.pelser@gmail.com mentioning your name and instrument. You’ll get further details via e-mail.

With less than 5 participants, the workshop will be cancelled (latest a week prior to the workshop).

Visit www.resonanzlehre.nl for more info about Resonance Training/Resonanzlehre

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