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Sounding Here
24 JUN
20:00150 min
Concert | Dansavond | Expositie | Voordracht | Voorstelling

Sounding Here

Locatie: Concertzaal

Sounding Here is a series which invites artists to present new collaborations, compositions, or directions. For this summer edition, we will host 3 acts featuring music, visual art, dance, and poetry. All acts are presenting new work, expect a celebration of art which is ALIVE and growing in a festival-in-an-evening atmosphere!

This event is brought together by Christine Cornwell, a member of Batavierhuis. Sounding Here wishes to give space for performers at all stages in their careers to experiment and share something which is just forming, becoming, or enjoying the risk. We will record highlights which are edited into a short podcast where you can listen to how others feel about what they experienced too.

Open Union (UK)
Patrick Ellis – electric guitar
Peter Bell – modular synthesiser

Performing for the first time in The Netherlands, Open Union will present a varied set packed full of flexible and open-ended works that have been specifically written for the duo over the past year and a half. Each piece has been composed in close collaboration with Open Union, and either follow a process, narrative or sound palette that allows variation for each performance. The duo will present premiere a new work by British composer Emily Abdy and a series of works recently commissioned.


Fire on your path (2023, new work)
Emily Gabrielle Aidulis (LT) – movement, voice
Machteld Teekens (NL) – poetry, voice

In the Veda, butter or ghee playes a central role in creation. Precious food like ghee playes a central role in myth and ancient religion. In a dance and speech performance, we aim to explore the origins of circularity. Where circularity ends, there begins the notion of time and breath. Earth is than opposite to heaven, and night contrasts day.

Machteld Teekens (1959) is writer and visual artist. She is always exploring old texts and images to understand and enrich the new. This project is based on the poem ‘creation according to Veda’ written in 2015, after following a course in Ayurvedic health treatments.


Promenade (2023, NL premiere)
The narrative behind this musical project aims to convey the myth of the creation of the universe and its creatures in a symbolic and abstract manner, exploring the links between nature, music and technology. The audience is taken on an immersive journey through the stars and space-time passages, experiencing a state of abstraction from reality.

Massimiliano Vizzini – composer, electronics, visuals
Irene de las Muelas – piano
Lluisa Paredes – cello
Hanna Ailane – voice