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Talking Hands – Flavia Escartin en Loek van den Berg
12 DEC
20:3075 min

Talking Hands – Flavia Escartin en Loek van den Berg

Locatie: Concertzaal

What happens when you start without knowing what is going to begin? When your breath leaves the silence behind and, before you realise, you are already moving forward? That’s what we experience every time we start an improvisation.
It’s structure is organic, alive as if it would have its own heartbeat: sometimes it grows and sometimes it falls apart. Then these two voices search for each other to continue going.

A very different experience is when we compose on paper. Such as sculpting a shape out of a rock which won’t reveal it’s form until the moment the sculpture is finished. Such as painting a dragon, which won’t come alive until the moment the eyes are drawn. That’s when the process is about creating a bond with the musical material, crafting and organizing it within a structure.
This project is about bringing these two together: the improvisation and the composition process.

In the last year, Loek and Flavia have played and recorded various free improvisations in different locations throughout Rotterdam. Inspired by these locations new music arose at that moment.
Afterwards they used material from these improvisations as a base to compose something new.
During this concert Loek and Flavia will present a mix of these compositions together with free improvisation.


Wat gebeurt er wanneer we de omgeving waarin we spelen veranderen en improviseren in de natuur? Wat gebeurt er wanneer we materiaal van deze improvisaties gebruiken om nieuwe composities te maken?
Afgelopen jaar hebben Flavia en Loek op verschillende locaties in Rotterdam vrije improvisaties opgenomen. Geïnspireerd door deze locaties ontstond er nieuwe muziek op dat moment.
Vervolgens gingen ze naar de tekentafel en hebben ze deze improvisaties gebruikt om nieuwe composities te schrijven.
Tijdens dit concert zullen Flavia en Loek een mix laten horen van deze nieuwe composities, samen met vrije improvisatie.

Line Up:

Flavia Escartin: Cello
Loek van den Berg: Saxophones
+ Special guests