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Matthijs van Wijhe hosts: Within – Fear of the unknown
18 APR
20:0060 min

Matthijs van Wijhe hosts: Within – Fear of the unknown

Locatie: Concertzaal

Within is a dance production about mental health struggles; the constant anxiety we experience
consciously and unconsciously in our day-to-day life experiences creating difficulties to achieve set
goals of our daily lives’ targets. The production brings out intense fear within us as a person, within
us as a community. It strongly brings out the struggles masculine and feminine go through to fit in
the society. It portrays the fear of change and growth in a judgmental society, and also brings out
exploration of opportunities within and around us.


• Steve Ongeri (*1990) Music for Within
• Carl Nielsen (1865-1931) Clarinet Concerto op 57
A musical exploration of a psychic disease: the often abrupt mood swings run through the music,
always announced by rhythmic elements. Choreography by Vincent Owoko and Suleiman Maningi
• Mel Bonis (1858-1937) Eglogue op.12
Menuet op.14
A composer torn between conventions and talents: as a result of this conflict and several strokes of
fate, she suffered from insomnia and depression. Choreography by Stacey Achieng

Line up:

Vincent Owoko (KE),
choreography & dance
Suleiman Maningi (KE),
choreography & dance
Stacey Achieng (KE), dance
Line Franken (NL), dance
Heidy Huwiler (CH), clarinet
Andrea Isch (CH), piano